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Thursday, July 01, 2004

Go Newbie

I've learned something new. Something that has captivated me.

I've been playing Yahoo Chess online, and I've become frustrated by it. For some reason, my interest in Chess has never been strong enough to take me to "the next level". I've still got a few books at home, and I know a couple openings, but overall, the game just feels empty to me.

I'll admit it's still fun to play someone in person, but I no longer had any desire to improve. And when you feel that way about one of your hobbies, it's probably time to hang it up for at least a little while.

So a couple days ago, I looked through the Yahoo Games directory, and I saw the game Go listed. For a lark, I clicked on the link (I'd send you there, but it asks you to login with your yahoo ID, and thus is a frustrating result, so if you must, imagine that you have clicked on alink and are now looking at the Yahoo Games - Go area. Really, it was only worth it for the rules, and you can find better elsewhere.

I read the rules, and I decided that I could play this game. And it might even be fun.

Well, so far, my first couple of games have been very frustrating. The people I played had no desire to help me to understand the game, and no desire to explain their moves. My positions went from vaguely understood to completely bewildering in the blink of an eye. I was not happy.

My third game was much more interesting. I played another new person, and over the course of an hour or so, we managed to stumble through a game, and arrived at a very basic understanding of the rules.

I think I'm going to like this game.


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