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Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Another Baduk Blog

At Sensei's Library I found nachtrabe's Baduk Blog, written by someone who obviously thinks quite a bit about their game, as I am just beginning to do. Some very interesting reading for your pleasure...

As a side note, I could read about Go forever it seems like, unless it's a really-over-my-head book like the Direction Of Play, which I can only read a few pages at a time if I want to understand what I am reading.

This brings me to The Girl Who Played Go. A friend gave this to me for Christmas, and while it was a good book, there wasn't enough actual Go in it for me. The same with First Kyu, which was good, though short, and reads very interestingly, being translated by the foreign (to America) author. The book I want next is The Master Of Go. I think that's what it's called. It sounds like it has a lot of really meaty Go chunks in it.

Anyway, go read Nachtrabe's blog and learn something.


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