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Thursday, February 15, 2007

At long last

It's been a long series of losses.

In the past, this is the type of activity that would have caused me to keep playing just one more game, shooting for that win that I knew lay just over the horizon (but which invariably - in fact - didn't).

However, thanks to NannyOgg's last post, and her repeated tutelage, I have been able to simply continue to play, seeking only the best (bad) move I can make, without care of winning or losing.

And in a very calm game last night, I beat a 7K by 40+ points.

Do you know how I did it?

He was greedy and went for just that little extra bit too much that overextends one.

How do I know this?

I did the same thing in my last 12 games. And lost.


Blogger O_Scientist said...



Amazing how greediness can trip one up. OK, maybe not so amazing :)


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