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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Back in the thick of it...

Well, I guess I really am back now.

I went to the meeting of the phoenix go club tonight, and it was such great fun. I played the president - who is a 1kyu - at 9 stones, and I actually won: 36 to 35.5. Was he trying for a draw like a pro? Was his mind not totally on the game?

Who knows. But it was superfun (tm) and I can't wait to go back on Saturday.

Then, I logged into KGS, and said hi to an old friend, and then was given a teaching game by a 6k who soundly trounced me. However, despite the rust, I can see some interesting moves sometimes, and I look forward to playing more.

The big lessons I take away from my games today are twofold:

Ina handicap game, simply strengthen your weak stones, and your opponent's weaknesses will become apparent.

My reading is rusty as all get-out!

In both games, I was able to focus, and create some furious battles, which invariably ended like a stuck balloon when I suddenly would forget things like, "two stones surrounded by an enemy's stones will be captured", or, "you need two eyes to live - TWO I tell you".

I love this game!


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