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Thursday, July 29, 2004

Roller-blading? Or Go?

I did what used to be my modus operandi last night. I double-booked myself. I made plans to go rollerblading with a friend at the same time as my Go club meeting. The rollerblading was fun, and she was nice enough to go with me to the club so I could play one game.

However, that turned out to be its own bad idea. I was tired and hot from blading, and my concentration was horrible. I was embarrassed that I played so poorly. So, after going home, in a fit of post-mortem irritation, I logged onto KGS and played several games. I won most of them, too. One natable exception was the third game of 9x9 that I played against a 17kyu. Note: that was the one in which he concentrated ;-) The other two I rocked!

I am ranked... 24 Kyu. I have good opening skills, i.e. my fuseki are strong, but my fighting and eye shape creation leaves something to be desired. I need to play more; that seems to be most necessary. I have been doing lots of life and death problems, and I actually read several capturing races successfully last night.

I want to play more. NOW!


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