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Tuesday, November 02, 2004

It's been a while

But hey, I've been busy playing games. What can I say?

After studying so much a few weeks ago, I decided I would simply play a bunch of games and try to integrate what I have learned. Well, maybe it's integrating, and maybe it's not. I sometimes feel vey strong. I can see the correct moves while watching high-level games. However, I can't seem to make those moves in my own game.

In a lesson last night on KGS, A 2kyu told me that you must have correct foundations, or you will have a rough and error-prone middle game onward. This may be why I can see the moves in dan-level games sometimes; their shape and formation is so clear that the moves almost "must" be made. Then, by extension, due to my bad opening form, by my middle game my shape is so poor that there are no natural or solid moves that just come to mind.

I also feel very weak sometimes. But apparently my rating has me right where I should be. And when I feel frustrated, I remind myself that I have only been playing for four months, and that I am already more than halfway to my goal of single-digit kyu by next June.


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