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Friday, February 23, 2007

Revisiting Sector Lines

One of the very first purchases I ever made in terms of Go learning materials was Bruce Wilcox's Sector Lines and Contact Fights. I remember going through these two products and thinking it was all so easy.

So why couldn't I seem to integrate the material.

Well, I hadn't looked at them since I hit 15kyu over a year ago, and I pulled out sector lines last night and began to reread through it. I went through just the Elementary material, and it was amazing. There were concepts in there that I had completely failed to see or to understand the first time through. And this was just the elementary material. There are still the novice, adept, and advanced sections, or whatever the heck he calls them.

There was a recent thread on godiscussions to which I was pointed by chiyodad in a roundabout way. And though I did not chime in there, it was what motivated me to revisit this material. And I find that his style of teaching through his dojo software is very clear and understandable.



Blogger O_Scientist said...

Good idea. I have been wanting to go back to it and study the go dojo again.

I still remember the first time you told me about sector lines. I was like 'Wow!!! Why didn't anyone tell me that before????' Going through Wilcox for the first time was a delight.

Yes, will put it on my 'study soon!' list.


8:23 AM  
Blogger ChiyoDad said...

You do bring-up an interesting point in your post. Like NannyOgg, after I had acquired Bruce's software, his elementary rules hit me on the head like a proverbial 2x4.

"Geez! It really is that friggin' simple! Of course!

But I started with Bruce's software in my teen DDKs. I can't help but wonder if I would have fully understood and appreciated his concepts and rules if I had started with his software in the 20k's.

3:59 PM  

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