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Monday, August 16, 2004

Go Equipment

Okay, here's what I ordered:

I wanted big stones, so I got the 10mm Glass Stones. I thought about getting the 8mm ones, but after trying both a couple times, I really like the heft and feel of the thick 10mm stones.

I had a really hard time deciding on the board to get. The Agathis table board has a beautiful red color to it on the sides, but it has a finish on the board itself, one that makes it light enough to play on. Since traditional Go boards are - to the Western eye - unfinished, consisting of just a light wax, I decided to go with the more expensive, but unfinished 2-inch Japanese Shin-kaya Table Board. The bowls I wanted would match very well with the Agathis board, due to their rich red color, but I also felt they would go well with the Shin-Kaya board. In addition, I really like the Go Seigen style bowls over the Kitani style bowls, so I ended up choosing the Dark Red Ash Bowls over the Shin-Kaya bowls.

I looked through most of the stores online:

I decided on samarkand for a couple reasons. The stone price was inexpensive, the boards were reasonable, and the conversational style of the site was SO very similar to some catalog I used to read in the past that it really sucked me in. Yes, I know that's a wierd reason, but as the Cluetrain pointed out, a transaction is a conversation with your customers, and Janice Kim's site really puts themselves out there. I liked it. Liked it enough to order from the.


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