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Friday, August 06, 2004

Hitting the wall

I seem to hit the wall a lot.

I'll be playing at what I think is a great level (for me) and then I'll start to make a couple poor moves, and suddenly I can't do a thing and the game is lost and I am staring at the wreckage of a once beautiful framework.

I play lightly when I should press, and I play defensively when I should be aggressive. I am easily threatened, and yet at the same time much too bold.

I read a quote that said that playing Go well is the art of playing a decent move over and over and over again without messing up. Not inspired fits of brilliance, but the ability to just not screw up. I can see the logic of that.

I did play a great teaching game last night and learned a lot.

I also think I need to stop playing the Hoshi points. Against someone my level, I can usually make a large center enclosure, but I play that same style in high handicap games, and in those I just can't afford to give up the center.

Anyway, I'm approaching 22 kyu. The hardest thing is to find rated opponents who are willing to play. At my level, most of my opponents still tend to be ? players.

But I still like the game :)

And I taught someone how to play last night. That's me - go evangelist.


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