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Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Not much of a meeting

So there were only three people today. Apparently the president is at the US Go Congress. I missed that tidbit of information lats week as I was out of town picking up my daughter. I don't know why no one else was there, but as I said, there were but three.

I played K. who is quite good. It was a 9-stone handicap game, and I did reasonably well. I made some good plays, and then of course, followed them up with some bad ones when it got too complicated for me to read.

The third person was a visiting 3d, J. He gave K. an educational 5-stone game, which he handled with deft ease. The really cool thing was that at the end of the game, he went through a review, replaying the game from memory. K. could remember about 20 moves. I could only remember about 10. Then, he demonstrated the difference between dan level players and even low-kyu players like K. by showing how a very loose framework that developed at about the 24th move could have been developed into a huge black moyo by hitting the vital points one after another. It was amazing.

And then, on the last example, he showed the response that someone of my level would have played, then he showed K. the response that a low kyu would have played, then he showed us how he would have handled it. I couldn't even understand why he played where he did. But K. did. So I have hope that some day I will be at that level too.

Anyway, though it wasn't much of a meeting, I learned a lot.

Oh, and apparently there's several go blogs out there. I've been reading Doug's Go Blog recently.


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