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Monday, August 09, 2004

The Wall Pt. 2


I have definitely run into a wall. My rating graph on KGS has flatlined. I'm reading the book Tesuji by Davies, and it's the strangest thing. When I looked at it a couple weeks ago, the moves seemed so simple and clear, and by putting a few principles from the simpler tesuji into play, I went up at least 2kyu in strength. (Not that that really means anything at my level of play, but...)

Yet now, when I look at the problems, I can't seem to figure them out. I can't seem to win a single game online. I'm wondering if this is the effect I have heard much stronger players talking about: you read something, and then you lose 2 stones in strength until you actually understand it. In any case, it's damn frustrating.

So, I'll keep practicing, and keep reading. Let's see what happens.

Saturday I played a 7-stone game against one of the good players at the club. Although he beat me handily, I was very pleased with my play in one portion of the board: I successfully kept him out of my center enclosure.

Afterwards, it was mentioned that I need to work harder on separating white stones and using the influence of the handicap stones. So I went online and played a game. I gave up all four corners, and then lost the center too. I think I went a wee bit too far toward the corner-giving up idea.


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