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Monday, November 29, 2004

A mark of strength

Okay, so I've been stuck at 19kyu forever... I never feel like I'm improving any more.

However, last night I finally got to the 4kyu level on Igowin. For the first time, playing as white on a 9x9 I faced a 2-stone black handicap. I lost, of course, but just to get to that level was very inspiring. I remember back when I first started, months ago, I couldn't even beat my way down to the even levels, like 9kyu.

So I guess I am getting a bit stronger. I think I will hit 19kyu on DGS soon. And I am so close to 18kyu on KGS that I can taste it.

Also, I joined the AGA. And I bought myself a traveling Go board. Both for my birthday. I think I'm into this go thing.


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