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Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Go Equipment Arrives


After a week of interminable waiting, the equipment I ordered is finally here. It's beautiful. The stones are nice and thick, the board is mellow and clean, and the bowls are a great dark red. I had to immediately open it all up and play a game against myself (having no one in the area to play with, you see).

One thing about the shin-kaya board. The color is great and so is the feel, but it doesn't "click" like some of the other boards I have tried. Instead there is sort of a muted "thwack". Which I think - in time - I will come to like just as much.

Problem is, I've been reading Hikaru No Go with my daughter, and I'm now WAY too used to the loud comic-style klikking and klakking that goes on inside. ^_^


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