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Monday, November 29, 2004

A mark of strength

Okay, so I've been stuck at 19kyu forever... I never feel like I'm improving any more.

However, last night I finally got to the 4kyu level on Igowin. For the first time, playing as white on a 9x9 I faced a 2-stone black handicap. I lost, of course, but just to get to that level was very inspiring. I remember back when I first started, months ago, I couldn't even beat my way down to the even levels, like 9kyu.

So I guess I am getting a bit stronger. I think I will hit 19kyu on DGS soon. And I am so close to 18kyu on KGS that I can taste it.

Also, I joined the AGA. And I bought myself a traveling Go board. Both for my birthday. I think I'm into this go thing.

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Go Teacher

I have joined the Go Teacher account at dragonserver. I am teaching beginners from 27kyu-30kyu. That's about my speed. It's good for me though; you never really understand something until you try to explain it to someone else.

In rank news, I'm still stuck at 19kyu. Can't seem to make it past that barrier. Ah well, perhaps something will happen here soon and I will begin to understand again.

I downloaded EDA GoReader for my Motorola T721. It's really cool; I can review pro games anywhere. The search facility doesn't work yet, but that's okay; the next version ought to be really cool.

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

It's been a while

But hey, I've been busy playing games. What can I say?

After studying so much a few weeks ago, I decided I would simply play a bunch of games and try to integrate what I have learned. Well, maybe it's integrating, and maybe it's not. I sometimes feel vey strong. I can see the correct moves while watching high-level games. However, I can't seem to make those moves in my own game.

In a lesson last night on KGS, A 2kyu told me that you must have correct foundations, or you will have a rough and error-prone middle game onward. This may be why I can see the moves in dan-level games sometimes; their shape and formation is so clear that the moves almost "must" be made. Then, by extension, due to my bad opening form, by my middle game my shape is so poor that there are no natural or solid moves that just come to mind.

I also feel very weak sometimes. But apparently my rating has me right where I should be. And when I feel frustrated, I remind myself that I have only been playing for four months, and that I am already more than halfway to my goal of single-digit kyu by next June.