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Thursday, September 09, 2004

Understanding Not, I Am

I went up to 20kyu without playing a game these last few days.

I don't feel any stronger. Do I look stronger to you? [flexes muscles]

I feel like I understand less and less. Every day I play a couple games against the computer, either WinHonte or GnuGo, and it seems like I do worse and worse. I think that I will study some fuseki here over the next several days. My fuseki used to seem great, but now I get so involved in fighting that I forget to form moyos or to invade my opponent's.

I also haven't been to the Go club lately for two reasons: I haven't had the time now that the school year has started, and I feel bad about only taking my daughter; it becomes very boring for her if she doesn't have friends with her, and due to the school year, her friends don't have the time to come.

I still like the game. But I am so very frustrated!


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